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punkrock... - remastered & live | 2006

drive by shooting's sold out release "punkrock in stonerland" in a remastered version plus a full concert from kopenhagen in march 2006. comes in a very special handmade "digipack" and contains 22 songs !!!


Initially it follows the very popular in Germany punk rock path with 2-minute songs and rather simple and uncomplicated melodies. On the other hand one can easily detect similarities to bands like Fu Manchu and The Glasspack and of course those who have apparently influenced the latter ones (MC5, The Stooges and so on and so forth). Although one could probably say that they are way too much punk rock for the stoner community and vice versa, namely stoner enough to be characterized as punk rock. Who gives a damn about labels anyway? The album rocks for sure. The


punkrock in stonerland | 2004

recorded by the band, mixed by funkster t. missullis in cologne. the fastest release by us. on the end of the tape you find a "bonus track" wich is recorded and written simultanous. every one who buy this on the fonz tour will get a new one for free. the sound on this copy was not our fault!!!


...somehow I like the new more punky outfit which is away from all that Berlin Stoner stuff. Seven new songs + a bonus track...respect...as I said...the new stuff ... goes straight forward. It reminds me a lot of the Hardcore acts back in the eighties when Hardcore was young and not that extreme as it is today...to keep it short...more Punk than Hardcore. All in all a cool recording and pretty easy to access...different to their previous stuff, but still on a really rockin´ level.

Der Titel ist hier Programm, mal mehr Stoner Rock, dann wieder etwas Punkrock. Die Betonung bleibt aber immer bei Rock.
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