beap 2 tour split | 2005

split for the between evil and peace tour 2005

on the first side each band with a unreleased song again. a more slower song by us called "jimmy jonny and you". the second side features a "black to comm" version wich is played by all bands together in one session !
out on nasoni records.
you can mix your own loop from b.t.c. here.


I've listen to better songs, especially from ROTOR and DRIVE BY SHOOTING. But that doesn't matter, because the real highlight is on the B-Side. All three bands have covered the 'lost' MC5 power-chant "Black To Comm"! In the beginning one can hear the STONEDUDES, followed by ROTOR before DRIVE BY SHOOTING will take over the next part. All this contains liquid jamming parts, and at the end all three bands are syncronised and come together for the explosive finish of "Black To Comm". Of course, the complete recording is live without any cuts and it's amazing to hear this song for the first time in a proper way. Ok, I'm a MC5-worshipper and so I'm more enthusiastic about this fact, than someone else, but this song will also appeal to people, who never listen to this song before. The powerful groove of this song won't leave anybody cold, and it's one of the best cover-versions of a MC5 tunes, I had ever heard. Check out this release, and if you dig the 5 like me: BUY IT!
cosmic lava

die Psycho-Stonerrocker Drive By Shooting penetrieren mit bohrender Hookline, sägender Gitarre und hypnotischem Bass
orange agenten

drive by shooting schließlich machen ihrem namen alle ehre und gehen zum frontalangriff über. mit "jimmy, jonny and you" schießt ein astreiner punk mit stonerelementen durch die rillen. kompromisslos und eingängig.

drive by shooting bieten fröhlich-frechen rock'n'beat mit catchy melodien und einem vernünftigen groove.

drive by shooting ... die auch gut und gerne aus schweden kommen könnten ... hauen mächtig auf den putz.
home of rock

...with their mixture out of Punk´n´Roll and Heavy-Rock they know how to rock the crowd, but this tune is also not typical for them, cause it´s more 70´s Rock with really smooth vocals...not bad...that shows that Drive By Shooting is more than a 1,2,3,4 beer Punk Rock band.

Drive By Shooting sind mehr diejenigen, die es dem Hörer voll auf die Zwölf geben. Mit einem simplen Riff irgendwo zwischen Stooges und MC5, das stark von der originellen Stimme des Sängers profitiert (die im Studio, glaube ich, gedoppelt wurde, es klingt jedenfalls danach), die besonders im Refrain schön melodisch und eingängig erklingt. Live dürfte der Wah-Wah-getriebene Drive des Stückes am besten herüberkommen.
scarred for live

Chiudono il lato A i Drive By Shooting con "Jimmy, Jonny, and you", ipervitaminica scheggia che unisce rock'n'roll, fuzz e vibrazioni punk. Anche loro promossi a pieni voti.